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Fabriq Keratin Smoothing Treatment

  • Is your hair difficult to blowdry or difficult to manage?

  • Do you have problems with frizz generally, or problems when the weather is humid?

Before I discovered Fabriq, I used to have to blow-dry my hair very well, then straighten it with irons. Which isn't great for the hair condition as I wash it everyday and have bleached highlights. And it would frizz if it got even slightly damp.

Now it takes me 6 mins to blowdry my hair, it's in much better condition and I never straighten it. The treatment lasts me for 4 months and I couldn't be happier. It wears off gradually and there's no commitment, so you can stop and start it as you like.

I'm such a fan of this product that I want my clients to benefit from it, like I do.

Fabriq is a top-of-the-range keratin smoothing brand. It is suitable for most hair types. There is comprehensive training, and the HQ here in the UK is great at answering any questions. This, together with my own experience, makes it easy for me to recommend and use this product on my clients.

Fabriq price: £175 - £225 depending on length and amount of hair

Duration of treatment: 4 months + if Fabriq shampoo and conditioner are used (no sulphates, no sodium chloride)

Special offer

  • refer a friend for a Fabriq treatment and receive a complimentary bottle of Fabriq shampoo or conditioner. 

  • 15% off Fabriq treatments in November 2023

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