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Six hair trends for Autumn/Winter 2023

Autumn is on us, and typically we start to think about changing up our clothes and hair. And the fashion-forward clients here in London keep me on my toes in terms of current trends!

I keep an eye on London Fashion Week images, the art school students around London's Kings Cross area, interior design flavours and hair training/seminars.

Here is a round-up of the hair trends for this season and the coming winter.

1. 1990’s vibe for everyone

The 90’s are back. Men - think ‘curtains’, or a hairstyle which is longer on top, or a messy, midlength style.

2. Colour Blocking

Bold, statement hair colour is back. This trend can be full-on with platinum blonde hair and a statement flash of a colour like blue or magenta, or it can be more muted, with contrasting browns and blonde. What it isn’t: a very natural look.

3. Tonged Curls: out, Soft Ripples: in. Centre Partings: still here.

Long hair is getting straighter and now has a casual bend in it rather than a curl or wave.

4. Copper, auburn and red hair is in – it’s a striking look!

5. Textured bob hairstyles

One-length, textured bob styles are still in fashion

6. Full head bleached hair for men.

If you want some fresh ideas for your hair, just drop me a line or let me know when you come in for your hair appointment!

NB/images from various sources, not my work

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