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Summer hair 2023: 5 top tips

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Summer is truly here! Here are my five top tips for your hair in the hot weather

1. Go shorter or get layers cut in for lightness and movement.

Who wants to be struggling with too much hair in the heat?

2. Braid long hair.

It looks interesting, keeps you cool and looks great on all genders

3. Add a scarf for a pop of colour - can be used as a hat if needed.

4. Protect your scalp.

Your parting, neck and ears can burn. Wear a hat and use sunscreen, regular or spray-on. Us hairdressers have to sometimes bring a client's attention to a large/starnge-looking mole on the scalp :(

5. Reduce blowdrying, embrace your natural waves/curls, allow hair to dry naturally. If you need any tips on styling products or techniques to control frizz/fluffiness, ask me when you come to the salon.

NB/ Pictures from various sources, not by Candice Zen

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