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Glamorous Hair for the festive season: 4 simple ideas

The festive season is on us again, and us hairstylists can be found styling client's hair for seasonal parties. We get asked for hair to suit every era and party theme you can think of. The first ever party theme a client asked me to style hair for was 'Murder on the Orient Express'!

Why not book a salon appointment if you want to look and feel really special for an event?

Here are four easy ways to add a bit of jazz and sparkle to your hair for your night out.

1. Curls and waves

Yes, the classic way to amp up any mid-length/long hairstyle is to go curly or wavy. Check out my youtube tutorial on how to get waves/curls in the hair and what type of tong to use:

If you want a Hollywood waves look, try doing all the curls going the same direction, then once they have cooled, brushing them out using a soft bristle brush.

2. Accessorise with a statement slide or hair comb

Show off some beautiful earrings (and your waves if you did some) by tucking one side of your hair behind one ear and securing with a colourful, diamante or pearl slide or two.

3. Try a statement hairband

A hairband with sequins, feathers or lots of colour can be an amazing way to finish an outfit. Lots of them around at the moment as well.

4. A glamorous bun always looks great

If you want your hair off your face, try a beautiful bun. Tie your hair into a ponytail – leave some strands out at the front if you want a face frame. Braid the ponytail into a simple three-strand braid. Loosen it up a little by pulling at the woven hair. Secure at the end, then wrap it around on the base and secure with hair grips.

5. Get your hair healthy and in shape

Hair is easier to tong or style if it doesn't have lots of split ends and is in good shape. Why not book in for a trim ahead of Christmas, New Year and all those photos :)

Get in touch soon if you want to book a salon appointment at Hair Colour Studio in Kings Cross in December on or text 0772 985 1034. I'm there on Fridays and Saturdays.

Picture credits from Instagram:, @scrunchieisback @michaelgrayhair

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